Prime Video Changes by Staying the Same

If Prime Video starts winning Tier 1 sports broadcast rights, it won’t be because of a change in strategy. The hearts of sports executives around the world were sent aflutter after Bloomberg News reported that Amazon’s Prime Video unit is preparing a bid for exclusive broadcast rights to Italy’s top soccer league, Serie A. Why the flutteringContinue reading “Prime Video Changes by Staying the Same”

Beating the Bear

NBA television ratings are down, but everything else on TV is down more. That may not be good enough anymore. A decade ago, the Cancellation Bear became famous in television circles. The Bear was a gimmick that tracked the survival prospects of primetime broadcast television shows, on the now-shuttered TV By the Numbers website. TheContinue reading “Beating the Bear”

Welcome to Aussie Rules Football

Hello, non-Australian sports fans! I want to give a quick overview of Aussie Rules Football. Every sport is shut down right now, except the Australian Football League (AFL). They play Aussie Rules Football. Aussie Rules Football is not Rugby. Aussie Rules Football is played on a cricket field. Cricket fields are massive! They are inContinue reading “Welcome to Aussie Rules Football”

Nashville’s Mayor Has Altered the Deal

MLS is threatening to move out of Nashville before the city’s expansion soccer team plays its first game, because the new Mayor wants to bring back NASCAR. News broke last night that stadium negotiations between MLS and the city of Nashville are at an impasse. Normally that is a sentence one reads before an expansionContinue reading “Nashville’s Mayor Has Altered the Deal”

Regional Block

RSNs are under the gun, but it’s the NBA that has the most to lose. One of the oddest #sportsbiz situations in recent memory was resolved last week, but its effects linger. Altitude Sports, a(n essentially) team-owned Nuggets/Avalanche regional sports network (RSN) out of Denver, struck a carriage deal with AT&T/DirecTV after being utterly andContinue reading “Regional Block”