NFL Traveling Fanbases, Ranked by Tier

All thirty-two NFL teams’ fanbases, ranked in Tiers 1 through 5 by how well their fans travel to road games. Since every sportswriter with a cable modem is doing Rankings(!) and since the NFL schedule is released today, here are my Very Amateur Rankings of TOP NFL TRAVELING FANBASES Tier 1: Packers, Steelers, Raiders OtherContinue reading “NFL Traveling Fanbases, Ranked by Tier”

Nashville’s Mayor Has Altered the Deal

MLS is threatening to move out of Nashville before the city’s expansion soccer team plays its first game, because the new Mayor wants to bring back NASCAR. News broke last night that stadium negotiations between MLS and the city of Nashville are at an impasse. Normally that is a sentence one reads before an expansionContinue reading “Nashville’s Mayor Has Altered the Deal”