NFL Traveling Fanbases, Ranked by Tier

All thirty-two NFL teams’ fanbases, ranked in Tiers 1 through 5 by how well their fans travel to road games. Since every sportswriter with a cable modem is doing Rankings(!) and since the NFL schedule is released today, here are my Very Amateur Rankings of TOP NFL TRAVELING FANBASES Tier 1: Packers, Steelers, Raiders OtherContinue reading “NFL Traveling Fanbases, Ranked by Tier”

Supply-Side Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs could become a dynasty that leads the NFL to new heights… or they could become a one-hit wonder, like so many before them. Basketball is the offensive game; football the defensive one. Michael, Kobe and LeBron walked with ring-filled fingers. The pass rushers, linebackers and secondaries of the Packers, Steelers,Continue reading “Supply-Side Mahomes”

Chargers PSL Math Doesn’t Make Sense

Expect a price drop for Chargers PSLs at SoFi Stadium The Los Angeles Chargers have been in the #sportsbiz news recently, mostly for the wrong reasons. Prime among those seasons is weak PSL sales for SoFi Stadium, opening next football season. PSL revenue targets were reportedly lowered from $400 million to $150 million. Ouch. What’sContinue reading “Chargers PSL Math Doesn’t Make Sense”

Night Owls (and Seahawks and Chargers and Rams)

Why the NFL’s future may include west coast primetime games. In a tradition as banal as butter on toast, Roger Goodell held a press conference today at the NFL owner’s meetings in Fort Lauderdale. There wasn’t a whole lot of news for the league’s semi-beloved Commissioner to chat about. The league’s finances are great. TheContinue reading “Night Owls (and Seahawks and Chargers and Rams)”