Brother, Can You Get ROI on $100 Million?

A pre-pandemic investment in LeBron’s SpringHill makes headlines. Finding a return in a post-coronavirus world is a different game. Kudos to Bloomberg, and to New York Bureau Chief Jason Kelly (who also writes #longform, I guess?). This morning they went viral with a press-release-as-journalism feature on investment, past successes and future plans for LeBron James’sContinue reading “Brother, Can You Get ROI on $100 Million?”

How to Generate Publicity for Your Netflix Movie Without Trying

Martin Scorsese is back, both on screen and in the press. By “on screen”, the Worldwide Reader of course means the LCD variety. Marty’s latest Oscar-bait, THE IRISHMAN, has four weekends at indie theaters before it retires to its eternal streaming place, Netflix. As for “in the press”, the esteemed-by-cinema-profs director’s comments about the vapidityContinue reading “How to Generate Publicity for Your Netflix Movie Without Trying”