Nashville’s Mayor Has Altered the Deal

MLS is threatening to move out of Nashville before the city’s expansion soccer team plays its first game, because the new Mayor wants to bring back NASCAR. News broke last night that stadium negotiations between MLS and the city of Nashville are at an impasse. Normally that is a sentence one reads before an expansionContinue reading “Nashville’s Mayor Has Altered the Deal”

Buku Barstool

Barstool Sports got funding at a $450 million valuation, and all I could think of was UFC. To the Worldwide Reader, the story of Barstool Sports warms the heart. They started small. They read the market. They hustled. They created a product people love. They have been richly rewarded. (To the haters it’s a differentContinue reading “Buku Barstool”

Making McIntyre Special

The 2020 Royal Rumble was widely received as one of the best of the genre. It also signaled Drew McIntyre’s opportunity to become the next big WWE star. Drew McIntyre won the 2020 Royal Rumble last night. In the Worldwide Reader’s eyes — and seemingly in the eyes of Wrestling Twitter — the match wasContinue reading “Making McIntyre Special”

Bye Bye, Billie

Downsized arenas run the risk of missing out on young popular touring acts, like Billie Eilish From the freeway, the Tacoma Dome doesn’t look like much. Heading up the 5 from McChord Air Force Base towards Seattle a few years back, the Worldwide Reader couldn’t help but notice the difference between the former temporary homeContinue reading “Bye Bye, Billie”

Regional Block

RSNs are under the gun, but it’s the NBA that has the most to lose. One of the oddest #sportsbiz situations in recent memory was resolved last week, but its effects linger. Altitude Sports, a(n essentially) team-owned Nuggets/Avalanche regional sports network (RSN) out of Denver, struck a carriage deal with AT&T/DirecTV after being utterly andContinue reading “Regional Block”

Brother, Can You Share a Hundred Million?

AEW Dynamite is TV gold, and Warner is reaping the rewards In heady times, speculation is a siren’s call. “I’m not selling,” Tony Khan may contemplate, “but could I get a billion if I did?” The Worldwide Reader is proud of its AEW prediction record. From the moment news of the trademarks leaked (and withContinue reading “Brother, Can You Share a Hundred Million?”

Chargers PSL Math Doesn’t Make Sense

Expect a price drop for Chargers PSLs at SoFi Stadium The Los Angeles Chargers have been in the #sportsbiz news recently, mostly for the wrong reasons. Prime among those seasons is weak PSL sales for SoFi Stadium, opening next football season. PSL revenue targets were reportedly lowered from $400 million to $150 million. Ouch. What’sContinue reading “Chargers PSL Math Doesn’t Make Sense”

City of Angelic Soccer Ratings

MLS (that’s soccer, for the pro-American Americans out there) hit the TV ratings jackpot this weekend, when the league’s most decorated team, LA Galaxy, secured a place in the quarterfinals against the phenomenon known as LAFC. (Full disclosure: the Reader holds front row season tickets to the LA newbies.) The Gals and the Laffs (theContinue reading “City of Angelic Soccer Ratings”

How to Generate Publicity for Your Netflix Movie Without Trying

Martin Scorsese is back, both on screen and in the press. By “on screen”, the Worldwide Reader of course means the LCD variety. Marty’s latest Oscar-bait, THE IRISHMAN, has four weekends at indie theaters before it retires to its eternal streaming place, Netflix. As for “in the press”, the esteemed-by-cinema-profs director’s comments about the vapidityContinue reading “How to Generate Publicity for Your Netflix Movie Without Trying”

The Lucky Fox Enters a Rough Patch

Fox Sports has lived a charmed life so far this fall; that’s about to change. “You make your own luck,” so the expression goes. Or maybe you don’t. Whatever one’s opinion of the role of fate in one’s place in the world, the fortunes of Fox Sports have gone up as the autumn leaves haveContinue reading “The Lucky Fox Enters a Rough Patch”